Sri Lanka

One of the must-see destinations of 2021 should be Sri Lanka. In this wonderful country you can enjoy one of the most complete trips there is because in the “tear of India” there is culture (Sigiriya, Pollonaruwa, Anuradhapura), beach (Tangalle, Unawatuna, Kalpitiya), nature (Yala national park, plantations of Ella and Haputale’s tea) and much, much more. Take advantage of next year and visit Sri Lanka.

Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver always ranks as one of the best cities to live in the world and this city has it all. Thanks to its strategic location, it boasts the warmest climate in Canada. Its unconventional demographics, the result of waves of Asian and European immigration, guarantee a most interesting food scene. When it comes to leading positions, the city is at the forefront of architectural, scientific and cultural innovation. Behind the impressive skyline, Vancouver hides a majestic natural environment. The traditional crossing of the Capilano Bridge, the walk along Vancouver Bay and the visit to the Anthropological Museum should not be missed.

Boston, United States

I recommend visiting Boston , one of the most fascinating cities in the United States. The historical charge of the capital of Massachusetts is present at every step that the traveler takes: from Common Park, the first public park in the country, to its subway, the first built in America, passing through two of the most prestigious universities in the world, Harvard and Cambridge. Whale watching in one of the most important wild marine areas in the world or the aquarium, with an impressive central tank, will not leave anyone indifferent and will delight the little ones in the house. For their part, gastronomy lovers will enjoy the freshest products that the Atlantic offers, from lobsters to oysters, with 12 local varieties of the latter.


If you are a nature lover, you will also be from Norway and, therefore, you should visit this destination in 2021. The country of fjords offers landscapes of extreme beauty and impossible roads that will leave you with your mouth open. Put on some hiking boots, get a good sleeping bag and discover it by walking its trails. Preikestolen, Trolltunga, Besseggen, Rimstigen… The options are endless. A good, beautiful and cheap way to get to know a country that does not have to be as expensive as it seems.


I recommend traveling in Japan because it is a destination that can be experienced in infinite ways. To feel its ancient culture strolling through the streets of Gion, in Kyoto, or keeping silence before the beauty of an ancient temple, be dazzled by the modernity of Tokyo , the rebirth of Hiroshima or the nature of Hida. In addition, of course, to savor its gastronomy and discover that it is much more than sushi and tempura.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of those destinations that you fall in love with from the first step and there are a thousand exciting reasons to visit this destination in 2021 . A country dedicated to the protection of flora and fauna and with endless biosphere reserves is a true delight. Soak up the “Pura Vida” philosophy that Ticos exemplify like no one else and enjoy the experience with all the calm in the world. If you don’t know where to start, take note and don’t miss some of its most beautiful spots: San José, Arenal Volcano, Tortuguero National Park or Tamarindo in the Pacific. If the world had more countries like Costa Rica it would be a place to live would be much more pleasant


Brazil is one of our favorite destinations. Even if you don’t go to the Rio Olympics, which can also be a great reason to visit the country in 2021, there are thousands of other reasons to travel to that magical land. Wild nature, some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, an incredible mix and variety of cultures, religions, foods and music… and the most hospitable people we have encountered around the world. To travel to Brazil!


My advice for 2021 is to discover Reunion Island. After having recently visited it, I have realized that “the jewel of the Macarenas” is one of those few places that still remain to be discovered. An island with exceptional landscapes ideal for hiking or a good route by car, a multiculturalism that is reflected as an example to the world of coexistence of races and religions. And, in short, a plea to the wildest nature in which, if you are lucky (I had it), you will be able to see the great Piton de la Fournier volcano erupting or take a bath with whales and dolphins. And, to make matters worse, the island’s gastronomy, Creole cuisine, will leave you flavors of curry and vanilla in many of its dishes. Can you ask for more?


My best destination for 2021 is the Canadian west coast as the perfect place for nature lovers. Explore Vancouver Island and reach the town of Tofino, where you can spot whales and seals from a zodiac. Rent a car and hit the road to Calgary. It is a delight to drive between the rocky mountains and find yourself among turquoise lakes and glaciers high in the mountains. And keep your eyes peeled, because when you enter Jasper and Banff National Parks at any moment you can run into a bear. At that moment you will be speechless, but it will be one of the most incredible experiences of your life .


Are there still unsplit corners in Europe? In the Balkan peninsula, there is a territory where mountainous landscapes, coasts of white sand beaches and picturesque charming towns intermingle to offer us one of the most attractive routes that has shown us and that is an essential destination for this 2021, still authentic. and away from mass tourism. Bulgaria gathers true treasures within its limits such as the most important Thracian tombs in the world, insurmountable fortresses, spiritual monasteries or cities making impossible balances on cliffs… And why not? a beach destination on its Black Sea coast for families or couples.

Mai Chau, Vietnam

Mai Chau is located about 4 hours southwest of Hanoi and is part of one of the regions that are hardly frequented by travelers who venture into this narrow country called Vietnam. A landscape that evokes the best and freshest images that we all have in our retina: infinite rice fields through which small Vietnamese hats appear, sinuous mountains dotted with small houses or small waterfalls that shape some slopes are the perfect setting where you can practice tourism active or simply pamper yourself in the main ecolodge of the place. Mai Chau is, without a doubt, the recommended destination for 2021 For anyone who ventures to discover Vietnam is farthest from chaotic Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City.


I am sure that 2021 is going to be the year of success for the Philippines. Always hidden behind the shadow of other large Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand or Indonesia, the Philippine archipelago (made up of 7,107 islands) has as much or more to offer than its neighbors. Deserted white sand beaches, transparent waters with incredible marine life, people who are always smiling and with whom you can communicate perfectly in English and a common past with Spain that still beats strongly are some of the keys to making this country your destination in 2021. Write down these names: El Nido and Siargao and go fast, before more people find out!


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