Plastic cards are quite popular in industries where they are used as business cards, ID cards, loyalty cards, membership cards, and various other marketing tools. PVC cards are visually stunning, long-lasting, and durable printed products, which can be utilized for different purposes.

The technologies used in plastic card printing allow customization of PVC cards based on industry-specific applications. Despite plastic printed cards being expensive compared to paper business cards, more companies, businesses, and industries are getting them printed.

If you haven’t printed custom plastic cards for your business or brand yet, going through the advantages of PVC card printing can help you decide. Let’s dive in to know the benefits of printing plastic cards for businesses and marketing purposes.

What are the Top Advantages of Printing PVC Cards?

Below are some of the common advantages that businesses can have with PVC card printing.

  •  Durability & Security

PVC cards are manufactured using durable materials to ensure ultimate protection in every condition. You will find plastic business cards are provided with secure card media, over laminate sheets, overlay varnishes, etc. to make them durable on all levels. Therefore, plastic cards offer excellent resistance to water damage, liquid spills, abrasion, exposure to UV radiation, and industrial chemicals.

As PVC cards offer maximum protection due to their incredible features, you can’t tamper or alter any information printed on them easily. This makes PVC cards an ideal choice for industries and businesses to enhance security and protect printed materials.

  •  Print Quality & Design

The quality of images printed on PVC cards is more sharp and superior due to the advanced digital printing technologies. It offers high-quality colors, clearer and readable texts, and consistent placement of graphic elements on the cards. Hence, the printing done on PVC cards are highly detailed, which allows the designs to stay there for a long time.

More industries are printing PVC cards for their unique designs and better print quality, which can be distributed to clients, business associates, and employees for long-term retention.

  •  Professionalism & Versatility

Business cards made from plastics help companies to look more professional and create the best impression on their customers. The size and build of PVC cards are similar to that of typical credit cards, which can easily fit anywhere without getting damaged or folded.

For branding, promotions, and various marketing events, there are no better options than plastic cards due to their professional designs and versatile uses.

Importance of PVC Card Printing Technologies

Customization in ID cards, plastic business cards, badges, marketing tools, and various other business-oriented products is made possible by the latest PVC card printers and technologies. The printing systems used in plastic cards make use of two printing processes to apply the ink on the card’s surface durably, which are mentioned below.

  • Direct-to-card Printing
  • Dye sublimation
  • Monochrome thermal transfer
  • Retransfer Printing

The direct-to-card printing technique enables customizing pre-printed cards to offer variable elements like photos, graphics, texts, etc. It also allows including security enhancement features in plastic cards like magnetic stripes and barcodes, which are used in businesses with electronic card reading machines. Whereas retransfer printing ensures perfect printing on card edges and improved durability.

The printing processes and materials used in plastic card printing help you obtain the most durable, versatile, well-designed, top-quality, and secure PVC cards for all purposes.

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