Don’t you want to go to the barbershop to show off a nice beard anymore? Well, invest in a quality beard trimmer for a professional result at home. But be careful, a beard trimmer is not chosen lightly, you have to take into account certain criteria.

Power supply:

On beard trimmers, you should opt for a cordless trimmer for more freedom of movement. For those who prefer a wired device, be sure to check the length of the device.

Going back to rechargeable trimmers, you need to make sure of 2 criteria before buying:

Loading time:

Note that if the battery life is long, the charging time should be fast for optimal use.

Cutting precision
You should pay attention to the cutting length of your trimmer. The more cut length options, the more accurate you will be and the more different beard styles you can achieve.

Choose at least one cutter between 1 and 25mm in length, with different guides and cutting heights.


This point also directly influences the precision, since the more different combs the trimmer has in the package, the more precision you will get in shaving. Therefore, precision accessories are something important and you should check whether they are supplied or not.

Also, cleaning accessories such as a brush or maintenance accessories such as blade oil should be included in the kit. Proper maintenance will promote good product durability.

Cutting speed:

Some beard trimmers are equipped with various cutting speeds and it is highly recommended that you choose this type of model as it allows you to treat fine and thick hair.

Adjustable cutting speeds are not yet present on the new models.


The blades are necessarily a fundamental element of your device because it is thanks to them that the final result will be of quality. Make sure you have quality blades before buying a beard trimmer.

First, check the materials used to make them. For high-end models, choose titanium, ceramic, or stainless steel. But for the entry-level models, stick to the stainless steel top, which will offer good durability even at low prices.

Then choose blades that are neither too small nor too wide, you need to find the right balance between a surface wide enough to treat large areas but also narrow enough to do precision work, such as a knob.

The 3-day beard Phenomenon:

If you haven’t noticed yet, the 3-day beard has become an inescapable trend. The gentleman grows his beard for days and spends more and more time in the salon to make a perfect cut. But know that it is very easy to get this type of beard and maintain it yourself from home, as long as you are of course well equipped.

The 3-day beard highlights the features of the face, but special attention must be paid to the neck, a shorter length should be used to create a slope between the shaved area and the beard. To make this type of beard, you will need to use a very precise trimmer that will allow you to make perfect cuts.

There are so many models that it seems difficult to choose one that fits perfectly, but to help you in your choice, we will present the models listed above. You will be able to discover the type of trimmer you will need to adopt this new trend!

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