Heat exchanger for ketchup cooling

Modernization of a production line and replacement of the heat exchanger for ketchup cooling

A company dedicated to the design, manufacture, and installation of equipment for the pharmaceutical and food industries contacts Stalwart to request help in supplying a heat exchange system. Your customer wants to tackle the modernization of its production line and, among other improvements, wants to replace its heat exchanger for ketchup cooling and expand its capacity.

Currently, they use a scraped surface equipment that, since its start-up, does not meet expectations: not only is the required cooling temperature not reached, but also the costs and maintenance times are high. Aware of the strong economic investment involved in the equipment of this type, and in view of dissatisfaction with the current operation, the client wants to analyze alternative designs to scraped surface heat exchangers.

In close collaboration with the installation company, Stalwart analyzes the current problem and studies in detail the rheological characteristics of the product: it is ketchup with a clear Non-Newtonian behavior, and a high content of seeds and dissolved grains.

Based on its extensive experience in the cooling of sauces, the Stalwart technical department proposes an annular space heat exchanger. In particular, the S-TF40A-D model is selected, with axial product inlet and fully removable tubes.

After purchasing this tubular heat exchanger, the customer confirms that the desired cooling temperature is now being reached and is very satisfied with the technical advice received.

Heat exchangers for heat recovery from organic alcohols

New supply of shell and tube heat exchangers for heat recovery from organic alcohols

Stalwart has recently supplied shell and tube heat exchangers for a major multinational in the chemical and energy sector, with a presence in more than 30 countries and more than 30,000 employees around the world.

One of the most important aspects of this project has been compliance with the client’s specifications, as well as adjusting to the available space in the plant in the best possible way. It should be noted that one of the manufactured positions, intended for the recovery of heat from organic alcohols, consists of several heat exchangers in series, each 10 meters long. This length is greater than the usual commercial lengths, not being a problem for Stalwart at the manufacturing level. As part of our company philosophy, we carry out the calculation and sizing of heat exchangers, to offer our clients tailored solutions.

On the other hand, our Technical Department has verified the mechanical calculation for different load hypotheses, taking into account the additional loads on the connections, as well as the wind, snow, precipitation and seismic loads.

Heat exchangers for pasteurization and cooling of food products

New supply of heat exchangers for pasteurization and cooling of various food products

Stalwart has once again supplied one of the most important food multinationals with various heat exchangers for pasteurization and cooling of various products, such as multifruit preparations, yogurt, and other dairy derivatives.

These tubular heat exchangers, which are intended for various delegations in Africa and Asia, belong to our Sanitary Line. Once the design of the heat exchangers has been analyzed by our Technical Department, the models chosen for this project correspond to our S-TF20-I monotube heat exchanger, as well as our S-TFM-I multi-tube heat exchanger.

At the customer’s request, we perform property analysis of the processed products in shell and tube heat exchangers, in various university laboratories with which we collaborate closely. From the results obtained, we have been able to optimize the design of the heat exchangers, adjusting it to the customer’s requirements.

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