Sometimes we fantasize about having perfect hair, for making your look more appealing or just wanna be free from the messy hair trim. But sadly most of us don’t have beautiful, silky hair and an amazing volume of hair like Princess Rapunzel from Tangled, a film released by Walt Disney Pictures, or a cute natural curly hair of princess Tiana who is from The princess and the frog by Walt Disney. Though we don’t own the “magic” of these princesses to have stunning hair, some quality hair extensions and a few tips can do the trick for us.

So now we are here to talk about hair extensions and the magic about them

  • The history of hair extensions, aka hair weaves can date back to ancient Egypt. Hair extensions and several kinds of wigs became trendy in the fashion industry and were popularized among celebrities by the late 17th century according to So it’s not a novelty to humans.
  • When it comes to hair extensions, most people think of extra length and volume. Yes, the most obvious benefit of hair extensions is that you can have instant extra length. You can change your hairstyles and looks in minutes, instead of waiting months and usually a couple of years for your natural hair to grow so that you can transform short hair into a long hair look. Hair extensions allow you to cut and style for different lengths and looks.
  • For those women with thin and fine hair, and someone who suffers from hair loss, quality hair extensions can help fill out the missing hair and make your hair more bouncy and glossy. Volume is one of the most essential parts to create a hairstyle, and having more volume means that you can enjoy more types of hairstyles for parties, events, and some other special occasions. So the versatility of it explains one of the reasons why many people approved and loved the hair extensions.
  • Installing hair extensions correctly can achieve a dreaming hairstyle without causing damage or minimize the damages to your natural hair. There are several methods to install hair extensions such as tape-in extensions, extensions with clips, fusion method, and weaving the bundles to your hair. You can use the extensions to make style instead of your natural hair with the flat iron and lots of chemical products which can cause breakage and shedding of your natural hair.
  • And if you want to experience some certain color on your hair, some colored and highlight extensions or wigs can be an alternative. Because coloring hair can be time-consuming work and sometimes a disaster for your hair in both health and look. Not to mention that you probably need to spend hours watching YouTube tutorials for learning How To Color Your Hair At Home and go to a salon for spending extra hours to save your badly colored hair if you are misguided. So choosing hair extensions can save both your time and money if you choose the right hair vendors and take notes about installation and maintenance.
  •  But hair extension just like magic also has its downsides. Hair extensions offer multiple choices for refreshing your hairstyles, but hair extension is not a way to add hair length and thickness once and for all. The lifetime of hair extensions depends on the material, texture, and type of the extensions. And how fast your natural hair grows also affect the lifespan. Human hair extensions usually last longer than synthetic hair weaves, but natural hair weaves tend to be more pricey. Your natural hair and scalp can be damaged if you wear hair extensions for having permanent looks. There are three main types of hair extensions when it comes to lifespan: temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent. In fact, these three types are all temporary despite the call of the last one. The permanent hair extensions as its name implies are the most durable, but they will cause hair damage such as hair breakage, hair loss, and alopecia when installing and removing in the wrong way and the use of chemical products and the heat required. So most of the time you should treat your hair extensions as your real hair, such as cleansing, detangling, and conditioning. Proper care will help the extensions serve you nicely and meantime keep your natural hair healthy and pretty.

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