Taking a flight from USA to London and looking for things to know when traveling to London.? Then, use the give tips to travel to London like a pro.

Let’s know the top things to know when traveling to London.

Download a city map application

London owns one of the most well-connected transportation through different means of transports. If pipes seem manageable to you then the city has trains, busses, cruises, and whatnot. And getting used to these mediums of transports can take up to months.
The city map application uses the GPS of your device to help you travel between two points. Some of them also tell you the modes of transportation you can take to reach there and how much each available option is going to charge.

Thursday nights take over Friday ones

In London, people are efficient at both their work and living a joyous life. Thus, unlike any other country, most people start celebrating their weekend on Thursday in London. And Thursday nights are the best nights to go out and take some heat off.

Soho is the best to watch theaters

If you love watching theatre and are confused about which one to watch, there are always last-minute tickets available in the market. Many registered shops around Soho sell theatre tickets, thus you can always get one.

Shoppers shouldn’t stay limited to Oxford street

Yes, Oxford Street is the place to find big-name brands, but it isn’t the only lace loved by fashionistas of the city. If you love street shopping minus the crowds, then there are many streets in London offering the shopping opportunities like Oxford Street.
Covent Garden, Regent Street Westfield Shopping, and The Kings Road are equally amazing as Oxford Street but offer much less crowd than it.

Use bus for transportation

Understanding the tubes network can overwhelm the travelers visiting London. Thus, taking a bus as a transportation medium is an idle choice. No matter where you are in London, take a 5-minute walk and you will find a bus stop. And these buses run throughout London and will take you to whichever part of the city you want to visit.

Take recommendations from locals

No one knows a place better than its local, thus taking recommendations from them is always beneficial. No matter whether you are booking a restaurant or looking for something specific, ask them for suggestions. Use social media or ask your distant friend or relative who either lives in the city or has lived here for at least a year.

Plan a travel itinerary in advance

Instead of just noting down the things you want to do and places you want to visit in London, plan it according to the routes. Create different blocks of different routes and put each place or activity in its designated route block. Now just compile them in a way that nothing overlaps the other and you will not waste your money on hiring taxis to visit the same neighborhoods again and again.

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