Playing Roblox Redeem has become a competition for players and content creators. The platform has expanded beyond imagination and conquered all fields of entertainment. Everyone wants to be the best gamer, and, for that, they devise new tricks. Roblox helps them by providing cheat codes and tips. It helps them overcome tricky levels with ease and show off new skills.

These are some cheat and glitches you can exploit to your benefit in Roblox con redeem. We hope you check out the platform and use them to make your gameplay extraordinary. Read further to know more.

Here are some tips, tricks, and cheats for Roblox

To get better graphic quality on your old smartphone

Roblox is one of the best virtual experiences of this age, and you amplify the settings if you use an old operating system device. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Go in settings!
  • You will see the graphic mode.
  • Turn it into manual.
  • Look for the option of graphic quality.
  • Click on the ‘+’ bar to increase the quality according to your requirements.

For the users configuring the game on a high-quality device, your graphics are already set on automatic mode to give you the best visuals. But you can still try this hack!

Get a broken ninja mask

Go to the inventory and get a ninja mask. Now change your head shape to round or perfect. Then apply the ninja mask to your face. It will show a broken one.

Cheat code for free Robux

After the builder club grade, you get eligible for 400 free Robux. All you need to do is enter the ‘brickmaster5643’ code. Then all the currency will get credited to your account.

Free OBC

To own OBC, you shall begin by opening Roblox and using your username and password to log in to your account. Then enter builders club and type94063 in the designated space. Press enter to redeem, and you will get rewarded with free OBC.

Do Moonwalk

Do you like to show off your friends dance moves in the game? Here is the cheat code to share the famous moonwalk. Open Roblox and enter a game that allows you to dance. Then press up Arrow and S alphabet simultaneously on your keyboard.


Get in a 3D world that allows you to use a jetpack or slide on slopes. Then jump for small slopes or activate jetpack for higher flight to start flying. Now you have to damage it by using a hammer. When you reach the land, use a sword to slide through the slopes. You will start gliding.

Flying Hat

To get a flying hat, you need to choose a head accessory. Then start any game. As soon as you start the gameplay, click “-“. Your hat will bounce off your head. It will land on the ground. Now you have to walk over it or die. Then you will find it reappear on your top.

Invent hoverboard

Get a skateboard from inventory and enter any 3D world. Start riding your skateboard and put on an army Experimental Jetpack. You will experience a hoverboard where you can fly while skating.

Start flying

Do you want to fly? Then find a 2 x 2, 2 x 3 or 2 x 4 brick. You have to adjust it,  that it lies above your feet but below your stomach. Now start moving around, and you will find yourself flying in the air.

Another hack is to use small size white blocks. Take two of them snd arrange them above your feet. As you start motioning, your character will fly.

Freeze any 3D world

Start your gameplay, and whenever you need to freeze it, hold ctrl and F1 simultaneously.

Capture a newbie or noob

Enter any game and find a chair. Now locate a noob ship and put the chair in an inverted position. Whenever a newbie sits on it, he will get imprisoned.

Start a zombie riot

Aim at a zombie and click on it by using a copier along with the delete button. The zombie will go crazy and start shooting around. It will create chaos and fight among them.


These are some available cheat codes and hacks to get exclusive features in the game. You can use them in different games according to the features, and theme of the 3D world.

Please share your experience with us in the comments section. We love hearing from you.

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