A lot of people consider Roblox to be a video game because of the millions of available games on it. However, this is a common misunderstanding since Roblox is a game engine that lets players create a game with the help of the programming language Lua. Developers use it to manipulate world elements and make a dynamic interactive environment.

However, it can be daunting and confusing for a new user to understand the working and how to make a game from scratch. Therefore, we have created a guide for you to follow to make your first game professionally!

Creation and basic steps

So, you’re a new developer interacting with Roblox for the first time. You want to create your own game without bugs and glitches. Where should you begin? The first thing is to create a concept and work on it by familiarizing yourself with the UI of this game engine.

  • Download the Greenville Roblox app on your PC and launch the application. Once it’s open, go to the free Studio to begin working.
  • Now, think of the type of game you want to create. Suppose you want to make a side-scroller or a platformer as your first game; you must choose the Line Runner template. You can select your template by clicking on the All Templates option.
  • Once you have chosen the template, you will have a playable game with no modifications and a set route.
  • You can press the play button or press the F5 key to test out the template you’ve chosen.

Now that you have a playable foundation, it is time to add your flair to the game. The game would not be exciting or attractive if it is just a basic model or a conceptual design. Therefore, you need to follow the next set of steps.

Modification and editing

Customizing items and environments in the game is an expansive step and can be done in many ways. However, to gain a deep understanding of the process as an editor, you should study the game’s script by going to the Server-Script-Service option in the Studio.

To explain how you can manipulate and change the various parts of your game, we have listed some examples here. Try to follow these when creating a game:

  • Go to the Studio where you chose the template.
  • Find the Explorer option from the right side of your screen and choose the Workspace area. In the Workspace area, you can freely add or remove/change items in your game.
  • In this area, you can click on any item in the game, and the editor will select it inside a blue box. As a developer, you can change the color of these items and where you want to place them.
  • The Studio also gives you the option to change the time of day, and the lighting section allows you to navigate between daytime and nighttime.

Another essential part you need to add to your game is the start section for players to interact with. Once you have modeled the game, you can test it by pressing F5.

Publishing your first game

This part is relatively easy since you have to go to files and select publish. Don’t forget to provide your game with a title that seeks attention and a brief, exciting description. Once you post it, the game is only accessible to you. Therefore, make sure to go to the Game Settings in the Files section and change the accessibility for the player.

There is a lot to do when creating a game. You have to make sure the elements are in the right place and ensure that the game works fine. Developers who use the game script have a better grasp of the functions and can create a more immersive environment for their players.

The thing to remember as a game developer is that the players will interact with everything and that you get to select what element needs to be in the game. Your genre decides what you create, and having a vision for the game before you start will help you follow a path. Remember these tips, and you will be able to make a game quickly on Roblox.


So, you have a game on Roblox. Now what? You have to let other players know about it. Upon publishing, the game is available on all consoles where Robloxruns, so you don’t have to worry about that. Please invite your friends to play the game and test its limits to improve the features further.

Making a game in Roblox can be highly profitable if you know what you are doing. There are a lot of developers who have made money through item sales and game passes in Roblox, and you can do so too! If you’re a game developer on Roblox, share your thoughts in the comments.

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