Who doesn’t like a bold looking car? We all do but a stylish sports car may not fit everybody’s budget. You can still give your current car a sporty and stylish look by installing low profile tyres. These tyres have taken over the market and are sold in bulk. They enhance the aesthetics of your car.

People usually get so impressed by the visual appeal factor of low profile Kumho Tyres Coventry, they forget to consider other aspects. Before buying a set of low profile rubber, there are things you need to know. The advantages and disadvantages should be taken into account before spending money on these tyres.

What are low profile tyres?

These are the tyres that are larger than the normal conventional ones. They are thinner and that is why a larger wheel rim complements them. This makes the low profile tyres stand out from the other wheels. However, switching to these tyres needs a lot of research and brainstorming. The first thing you should know is your tyre size and select the low profile tyre accordingly.

How to find the tyre size?

All the tyres are manufactured with all the necessary details inscribed on their sidewall. This makes it easy to find all the information you need. The sidewall consists of a series of numbers and special characters. For example, 120/40ZR19. This number can be broken down as follows:

120 – tyre width in millimetres

40 – aspect ratio

Z – speed rating

R – radial construction

19 – diameter in inches

What do you mean by the term ‘tyre profile’ or aspect ratio?

The length of the sidewall along with the percentage of tyre’s width is known as its aspect ratio. The aspect ratio of low profile tyres can be as much as 60. The number further decreases as the sidewall become narrow.

Benefits of low profile tyres

Handling and braking performance: The handling ability of your vehicle goes up with the installation of low profile tyres. This experience becomes better on dry roads but this doesn’t deplete the wet performance of these tyres. When it comes to braking, low profile tyres can make your drive pleasant. You will notice that the brakes are smoothly applied with these tyres.

Strong grip: The gripping capacity of low profile tyres is better than your conventional ones. You don’t feel the grip slipping away from the tyre surface. This also minimises the chances of slippage.

Cornering and steering performance: Low profile tyres are famous for delivering a stable steering performance. You are able to corner well as these tyres can handle greater cornering forces.

Disadvantages of Low profile tyres

As low profile tyres are thin and have narrow sidewalls, they are more susceptible to wheel and rim damage. They also have a smaller air cushion, which means the tyre’s shock absorption abilities are significantly lesser than the standard tyres.

You also get noisy rides with Low profile tyres. The large compact patch delivers much stiffer rides and your discomfort increases. Driving for a long time can be an issue with low profile tyres.

As these car tyres Coventry have benefits and drawbacks, it entirely depends on you if you still wish to overlook these cons.

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