Tyres are made to bear a lot because of potholes, irregular roads, and tracks filled with stones. Being the direct mode of contact between the ground and the car, they have to withstand a huge amount of stress. To make them roll smoothly, you must replace them periodically. This indicates that the rubber should be taken out from over the rim and then it should be replaced with a new one.

You must never try to mount Sailun Tyres on rims without taking the help of a mechanic. Rather, you must get the tyre replaced by auto specialists using a specific tool.

How the auto mechanics do tyre mounting?

A specific tool is required for changing the tyres. For mounting and removing tyres, special and reliable tools are used by the auto mechanics and these tools vary according to the job to be performed. It is fitted with an arm used for mounting and the breaker of bead. You can’t change a tyre without this tool.

The mounting process of tyre

You must get the present rubber removed from the rim before putting new rubber on it. After removing the old rubber, the first step is manually done. The car is first jacked up by the garage mechanic so that the wheel can be removed from the axle. Then the air is allowed to get out of the tyre. This is done by unscrewing the tyre valve. The machine meant for mounting is next.

The wall of the tyre can be detached from over the rim by the bead breaker. The bead breaker is placed by the mechanic between the rim and tyre after which it is pressed down on it. The process is executed again after the tyre is turned.

After removing the weights for balancing, the rim is then clamped in the machine meant for mounting. Then the bead is positioned over the arm used for mounting using a mounting lever. Now, it is the button that needs to be pushed. The tyre will be separated from the rim automatically after rotating the mounting machine.

Tyre mounting

The correctness of tyre age and size must be checked by the mechanic first before he pulls off the old rubber from the rim and fits a new one. Then he must begin the process of tyre mounting.

The tyres of your car should not have an age of more than 10 years. You can refer to the production year and week on the sidewall of the tyre to determine its age.

You must get the tyres balanced after getting them mounted. After tyres are mounted, placing small weights for balancing at the rim may be essential. Increasing the comfort of driving and mileage, they make up the tyre imbalances present and prevent shakings in the steering wheel. You must balance the tyres to enable the tyre to run smoothly after mounting.

When should you change tyres?

The indication that your tyre rubber has deteriorated and replacement with cheap tyres online is required is indicated by wearing of tyre tread below 1.6 millimetres depth. This calls for mounting of new tyre. Is it more sensible to change the tyre rather than changing the wheels?

This is not necessary. The rim and the rubber are strained by tyre dismounting and mounting frequently. This means your tyre’s service life is also affected by this. Thus, changing the wheels every season is better.

If the tyre rims are in good condition but the car tyres have started ageing, you must replace them with new tyres. If there is worn treads or irreparable damage, the tyres should always be replaced.

The depth of the tread in your car tyre tread is very crucial. The grip of the tyres will be better on the ground if the ribs and grooves are clearer on the tread.

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