The Startup-India activity was dispatched and given a major lift in the nation as of late. Various Public and Private area banks began offering a scope of current financial balances to help the rising business visionaries in India.

Thus, in the event that you are a startup lover and thinking to place your inventive thoughts vigorously, this post will manage you in choosing the Best Current Bank Account for your independent venture in India.

Being a startup proprietor, you regularly will in general become befuddled with regards to choosing the correct current account for your business. We should share a significant pre-evaluation in running another business, having a Current account.

We will likewise feature a portion of the profoundly famous startup current account in India and some clever subtleties on them.

But first, let us see what is the current account and what are the benefits of the current account. And if you want to check your current account numbers like 314074269 , you can check with the above link.

What is a Current Account?

A current account is a record used to encourage current everyday financial exchanges. These sorts of records are for money managers who perform high volume truncations on a regular schedule.

The current account additionally offers the office of overdraft this implies you can pull out cash regardless of the non-accessibility of equilibrium.

This office causes financial specialists to deal with the working capital prerequisite of the business. Current accounts don’t acquire any interest because of the adaptability they offer.  

This sort of record is most appropriate for finance managers, ownership and association firms, organizations, and public undertakings.

Advantages of Current Account:

  • Current accounts permit the treatment of enormous volumes of receipts as well as installments deliberately.


  • There are no limitations applied to the stores made into the current account opened at the bank’s home branch. Furthermore, account holders can likewise store money at different branches after paying little expenses as relevant.


  • It encourages the mechanical advancement of the nation. Without its assistance, finance managers would confront challenges in maintaining their organizations.


  • Make free check installments and assortments anyplace to your providers with no charges.


  • Gives Internet-banking and portable banking to empower finance managers to complete significant business exchanges quickly and effortlessly.


  • Helps lenders of the record holder who can approach data on the record holder’s credit-value through bank association.


Top 5 Current Account For Startup and Small Business In India are :

1. Citi Bank Current Account

Citi was one of the pioneers in worldwide banking and offers premium administrations to Indian organizations, yet their expenses might be hard to process for a few.

Citi bank offers business current records to Indian organizations just as a large number of administrations like advances, exchange administrations, credit, unfamiliar trade, and money the executive’s administrations.

The principal differentiator among administrations and charges offered is the month to month size of the absolute relationship esteem. So despite the fact that they have a startup explicit record, the size of the charges at Citi can be discovered to be high for more modest organizations.

Their inheritance strength has consistently been in unfamiliar trade and worldwide exchange administrations. In any case, on the off chance that you are searching for a cutting-edge organization with an easy approach to do everything from bunch installments to getting on the web unfamiliar installments, at that point look no further than TransferWise for business.

2. HDFC Bank Current Account

HDFC Bank started its activity to subsidize the Housing area and in the long run, started banking tasks. Today, it is the best option for business people just as corporate firms for current records. HDFC Bank offers a wide scope of current records to pick. You can decide on the one that suits your business.

The bank offers a customized current record for experts including bloggers and web business people. There’s Smart up Solution for Start-Ups which is intended to comprehend the difficulties and prerequisites of another undertaking.

3.ICICI Bank Current Account

The bank gives numerous current records only to new systematic New Startup Current Account, Shubhaarambh Current Account, Small Business Account, and Roaming Current Account is advertised.

It offers the advantage of zero equilibrium for the initial half-year, and a while later, INR 25000 is needed as a base equilibrium. Dedicated Forex Service and warning offer customized assistance. Free money store up to multiple times alongside free RTGS, NEFT, checkbook, and versatile and web banking administrations.

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