“We’ll go a long way”, so this saying is especially true when it comes to technology. Advances in science and technology are two of the most important achievements of humans. It is a technology that has changed the face of the world, improved our quality of life, and reduced gaps in the world.

Today, you can live anywhere you want, and all you need to communicate (for both personal and business communication) is a cell phone. Phone calls are thanks to the mobile industry and have evolved even more, as we can also make video calls with our small smartphone. This is what makes technology beautiful.

But what if?

Get away from it all When we see spy tracking devices in movies, we think of small electronic devices, which are injected under the skin or placed on shoes. But today’s sophisticated tracking technology does not include any type of device. All one needs today is a small program, which is great for refusing offers, and the tracking device is on your phone, ready to receive all your private information.

How do you get into trackers? All it takes is for you to open a web page on your phone, and they have what they need. Actually, tracking software was first developed to catch the police from the bad guy, but as usual, now the bad guy takes advantage of this tracking technology. Thus the communication device that you considered your best friend is now your enemy.

The solution is to contract a trusted virtual private network service: it protects your smartphone by securing any private or public network you use. You see, your smartphone, such as your tablet, your Mac, or your PC has a specific IP address. It works like your home address, but unlike your home address, your IP address is published everywhere and anywhere. Everyone has access to it; The website you visit, the virtual thief, and anyone else in between. You can contract a VPN service to protect this real IP address.

This service gives you an IP address from their server. They have hundreds of IP addresses and you can choose any one of your desired countries. Then your actual IP is filtered through the one you choose. Other websites see you on that protected network and as a number that protects your real identity.

So how do you do that

By the way, every smartphone is slightly different. But basically, you contract the VPN network service and get a new IP address from them. Then you tap on the Settings icon on your smartphone, then change the network and registered IP for your VPN to one. That’s all there is to it. You are safe from there.

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