A few months ago I told you “I’m not really familiar with social media”, “I don’t really like it because there’s too much drama” or “I don’t really use it”. Although it would be a lie, I had a Twitter, but I rarely tweeted anything myself. It wasn’t until early June 2017, where I needed to create an account on other social platforms:

Facebook, Linked In, and Google+. I still feel that I am not using social media, which is often mainly just to browse, but I am learning a lot about social media marketing and why it is important. I currently have a summer internship with Repoint Internet Marketing, where I am learning about social media marketing along with other types of marketing and website design.

During the middle of my junior year of high school, I went to a career development teacher and asked how I could get an internship. I went back to my office after consecutive weeks, as many graphic design companies in our area are not looking for high school. He was very helpful in helping me find one and his efforts were cool steam names

Rye Point Internet Marketing was the only business that contacted me for an interview and I was really glad they did. Without this internship, I would probably be sitting at home watching Netflix all summer, but I am going to the office and learn more and more every day. I went on my first day thinking that I was going to be a graphic design intern, but I was surprised. I am learning everything: website design, search engine optimization, creation of graphics, blogging, and social media marketing.

Nowadays most people are on social media, whether they care to accept it or not. Facebook, Linked In, Instagram, I can go on and on different platforms, but ultimately, I have an account on at least one Twitter. During the first few weeks of my internship, I had a great opportunity to attend the FV Small Biz Connect meeting, where the whole topic of that night was to discuss social media and suggestions from various businesses.

I was practically “blind”, but I prepared my tip. I was mainly interested in hearing about how other businesses use social media and what I can learn from them or their mistakes. I was the youngest person sitting in a meeting at the age of 16, and I could already tell that most people there expected me to know the most about different social platforms because I Was a teenager. what is wrong? I went to learn from them, surprisingly and no one really expected it.

As for some of the tips discussed, mine was about adding relevant pictures, because I know that I am attracted to posts that do not have pictures and not just lines of text and as most people are. There were 8 people in this meeting and all agreed with me, but I could only tell from their reactions, they were expecting better insights from me as I was much younger than them.

Another tip from the meeting was to be at least persistent when scheduling or posting, so people know what to expect from the post. For example, some people post Inspiration Monday or Throwback Thursday posts that are related to their business. This may sound obvious, but many people do not know that posting regularly can help bring traffic to their website/page.

This meeting took place about a month ago and since then I have learned more about social media. I have been “promoted” to the social media “manager” of the RyePoint Facebook page, which I can post regularly on the page to ensure that when search engines see their page, that it is optimized.

I haven’t posted anything on the Facebook page yet, but my role is to make sure it is posted at least once or twice a week. Most likely it will be a summary of one of the blog posts I have written before, including a link to the blog. There will be other posts besides these, but we have not yet discussed what they will be.

In addition to the FV Small Biz meeting, I have the opportunity to be a part of the Fuquay-Varina Chamber of Commerce Marketing Committee meetings monthly. As part of this, we discuss how we can promote the GO> FV app through social media.

Regular videos are posted on Facebook, YouTube, and other social media pages that bring a lot of people to download the app. Although only 3 videos have been posted, we have seen that every time something is done to promote the app, the download has a peak.

Like most things, if there is a lot of information on the Internet, more people see it because of more downloads or clients. I am really grateful that I have been given the opportunity to go and participate in these meetings which are really important.

All the people who are part of this marketing meeting, social media, businesses may not have the same amount of traffic to their websites like running 3 unblocked games. Social media marketing/advertising is a cheaper way to show people what your business is and what you are all about. Without a doubt, getting clients is an important goal, so an outstanding social media presence is going to be very beneficial.

Ahead not likely that someone will return to a page if it has not been updated in a while. The business that updates regularly is more likely to get the most clients. On average, people spend nearly 2 hours (116 mins!) On social media daily! I have learned a lot as a result of having an unpaid summer internship in high school, compared to working at a fast-food restaurant for minimum wage.

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