Nature Photography is a field of Photography that involves shooting pictures outdoors. 

This field overlaps the fields of “wildlife photography,” “landscape photography,” and “garden photography“. 

When a rookie photographer buys his/her first camera, to experiment they are told to go outside. Outside has a vibrant environment, with all the colors and moving objects it is exciting to take some pictures.

But nature photography also has many challenges. Besides that, this is one of the coolest photo niches to explore. You can click photographs like islands, mountains, sunsets, beaches, forests, trees, plants, flowers, snow, rain, water, clouds, sun, lighting, and more. 

 Let us learn and know more about these photography categories one by one – 

Island photography:

No landscape photography is completed without Island photography. It is a field where one takes pictures of beautiful islands.

These isles can be small natural land or city island or ariel photos of an island. 

Here are some beautiful images of island photography – 

Island nature photography

Check out some amazing island photography at this website – 


Mountaineering Photography:

Mountain or mountaineering photography is another nature photography field where one takes breath-taking photographs by climbing to the mountain. 

This is an adventure for many mountain climbers to go to the top of the mountain and using their DLSR camera they capture a beautiful memory. 

Using a tripod and camera setting with the right compositions one can take stunning Mountain photographs.

You can also read the mountaineering photography guide by Adobe here.

Photography of Beaches:

To be honest who doesn’t like beaches. A relaxing day is what everybody wants. So is beach photography which is wonderful nature photography.

While it’s fun to take some pictures of beaches, it is also a difficult task to do it.

You need a well-balanced exposure to click a perfect snap. Here are some pro tips for your next photography of beaches – 

  1. Take a tripod.
  2. Use a polarising filter.
  3. Use camera flash.
  4. Take pictures at sunset or sunrise.
  5. Look for reflections.

You can check this article for more tips for creative beach photography.

Here are some amazing creative photography of beaches – 

Beaches Nature Photography

Sunset Nature Photography:

By the name, we already know that it is photography during sunset. 

It is one of the classic nature photography types that every photographer must have in their arsenal.

Check out some of the awesome sunset nature photography – 

Sunset nature photography

This is cool, right?

But here’s is a fact, it is tough to capture a beautiful moment.

For this landscape photography type, timing is everything.

You can take great pictures of sunsets at beaches, islands, open land, jungles, and more.
Check out this beautiful sunset nature photography here.

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