Endpoint Security Synopsis

The new integral endpoint security platform of the company is McAfee Endpoint Security. During the use, you will realize that it has replaced many traditional products for endpoints.

The endpoint platform supports all the popular desktop operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and macOS.

McAfee Endpoint Security At A Glance!

The security is currently getting a warm reception from the users. They can sign up to upgrade to the next and advanced level.

Let us dig into some major aspects that must be considered by all of us before opting for the service.

  • Plans and pricing

As per the website, the users can get subscriptions for McAfee Endpoint Security for one year only. For the next year, they need to purchase the plan again.

It is advisable to contact the company for prices for the continuation of the subscription. It will cost you $36.65 for up to 50 endpoints, and the protection for 51-100 endpoints will cost you $34.13 per device.

Similarly, you will be surprised to know that the security of 101-250 endpoints will cost you $32.86.

  • Jaw-dropping features

Endpoint security belongs to one of the award-winning company, which has the potential to protect desktops, laptops, and many more from viruses and threats.

With this endpoint security, you get the comprehensive protection that acts as a shield against buffer overflow exploits, ActiveX exploits, and many more.

Machine-learning is utilized by the platform to analyze the behave of the apps and how they execute to prevent unknown zero-day exploits.

One of the strongest features of the platform is that it can prevent unwanted changes to the managed system. The feature is performed by restricting access to the files, network shares, and registry keys.

Another strength of the platform is the ability to monitor the behave of the unknown processes that intent to backup the changes. When suspicious activity is observed, the platform takes the necessary steps.

For adding more to the list, the security also includes web control features for controlling, securing, and monitoring the activities of the web browser. Blocking of URL’s is also done with file reputation checks.

This feature can also be used to control access to the sites that are at a higher risk of attacks. The endpoint security comes with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator and McAfee ePO Cloud.

Lastly, the McAfee endpoint security can control access to remote devices, but the feature is available on the on-prem version.

  • Interface and use

In this aspect, we will discuss the Cloud variant of EPO. The interface is identical to the hosted version in appearance and usability, with an exceptional feature of the remote device.

It is both the strength and weakness of the platform. It can be used to manage hundreds of machines, but managing smaller networks can prove to be a tough task.

The interface lacks functionality, and you will experience it being biased for Linux and macOS. The system tray icon is visible in the windows endpoint but not on other operating systems.

The dashboard view is another thing that will disappoint you, and on the other hand, you might like it as well.

Final verdict

In a nutshell, the features that McAfee Endpoint Security provides you are unlike its peers.

We cannot guarantee that you will get the same features on all the platforms. The final nail in the coffin is that the protection is not extended for Android and iOS.

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