Need for Integrating Project Management with Organisational Changes
Modern project managers are entrusted with the task of undertaking the responsibility of
managing projects and driving the organisational changes associated with it. Therefore,
there was a need to introduce a management type that focused on driving organisational
changes through project deliverables.
The innovations in the management domain have led to the inception of a concept –
“change management” that works directly with organisational aspects leading to positive
changes. Change management refers to a structured process for managing the people side
of things by including selective tools to achieve the desired changes. Enrolling for a project
management certification program helps open up avenues for modern day managers and
apply change management principles at various project levels.

Applying Change Management Principles at the Project Level

Any management role involves different challenges, objectives and skill-sets. The same goes
for change managers who are responsible for driving positive changes in their organisation.
Seeking knowledge from a reputed course such as the XLRI project management
certification program can help upcoming managers develop a solid foothold on change
management concepts.
The plethora of XLRI project management courses online endow professionals with
numerous benefits that help in modelling their careers. The teachings from the online
courses can be used for implementing change management principles in the project level.

Some of these principles include:-
● Diagnosing the Issues
The corporational issues can’t be rectified without assessing them. The first principle
is based on dissecting the concerns/issues that the organisation currently faces. This
can be done by changing the pre-existing processes, methodologies or the working
patterns. Then the managers need to focus on the aspects that didn’t work and
discuss them with fellow leaders and executives.

● Knowing the Organisational Work-Culture

Each firm’s work-culture and employees is different from others. Project and change
managers need to understand the existing work-culture of the corporation they’re
working for and implement changes accordingly. Addressing the work-scenarios will
assist managers overcome the resistances that will be attached with the current
culture. The initial changes can be subtle and “soft” to assess the impact on work-

● Involving Each Corporate Layer
When it comes to making changes, it’s necessary that each corporate layer is aware
of the changes that are being made. Involving the top-layer C-level executives, mid-
layer professionals and the third-level employees and stakeholders is a good practice
of overseeing how the changes are being utilised.

● Training the Organisational Staff for Changes
Preparing the organisational staff for the changes that are introduced in the work-
place environment is a challenging task. Change managers, therefore, need to
develop a throughout comprehensive training module that involves all the
Driving Change = Driving Success
“No one ever achieved greatness by being constant”, dynamics or the change is the fuel
that propels a firm towards success. To keep up to date with the modern industrial
innovations and practices, it’s crucial that organisations make reserves for incorporating
changes in their work-flow that can reap benefits.
Therefore, enrolling for a reliable project management certification holds the key that
allows upcoming managers to advance towards change management roles for successful

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