Most students today wish to study the profession of their choice from an abroad renowned university. The advanced facilities today provide students to research about the facilities of a foreign country and college. The social media today provides option for students to communicate with students in the college where they become friends even without meeting each other.

Here is a Listing of 10 choice criteria to consider:

Your study tastes –Are you currently more comfortable in a structured course or would you excel doing independent study? Do you need academic challenge or favour in-class time with little if any additional research? Students must be careful in deciding their career where they lay their preliminary foundation from the college/University.

Cash –Your budget plays a massive factor in the decision process. If your budget is tight, are you going to consider student loans? And if so, will a costly private university be well worth the debt? Most students prefer ranking colleges which offers affordable fees structure and scholarship to students.

Size–Do you want small course size or does it matter? Does being a part of large student body attractiveness to you or would they like a small college setting?

Location–Would you want to go off to college or stay close by so you can live at home? Are you looking for a cultural adventure that a significant city offers or a down home experience supplied by a small city school? The major factor that influences student as they will have to be there for next 4 to 5 years. The location must be safe and secure and comfortable for living. MBBS in Philippines is most preferred for this specific reason as most students feel very much comfortable with location and colleges in Philippines.

Extracurricular–Are you set on joining a sorority or a fraternity? Are these offered in the colleges you’re considering? Most students who have additional talents in sports, dance, research etc must make sure if the college offers them a platform to improve their additional skills. Most medical aspirants choose UV Gullas College of Medicine Philippines  for the factor that the college offers excellent platform for students in improving their extracurricular skills.

Academics–Can there be a specific major you’re interested in or will a liberal arts degree do? Not every university offers the same academic disciplines. Think about a school that offers these kinds of specialized degrees. Students also must make sure if the college has good infrastructure class rooms, labs and library.

Sports–Does the college have a huge sports program or do sports play small impact in your decision? Check out social media and reviews from students about the facilities of sports available with the college.

Competitive vs Non-competitive–Do you have the resume which can guarantee acceptance in an aggressive school like Stanford or Penn State? Or do you have a strong academic showing that will send one to the top of the list in a non-competitive college and qualify you for a complete scholarship?

Specialized programs–Would you want to work in the stock market? Does the school offer a trading room? Think about internships, undergraduate research, service learning, as well as specialized senior capstone projects (integrating and synthesizing what you’ve learned).

The college list ought to be loosely formed by the beginning of senior year. Juniors must be focusing on college visits and start working on their list. Seniors should review this list and once offers of admission arrive, use it to create the last choice.

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