The tree service business has seen tremendous growth in the past decade. With hundreds of searches made every day on Google and other search engines, tree care service is a business that has a huge opportunity for generating leads if it’s found on the top of the search results. However, topping the search results is not an easy task, neither will ranking alone help your tree care business to grow.

The first thing to consider for business growth is that your services must be top-notch. Considering that your tree care business is already offering that, there are strategies that you can apply to boost your business to a newer height. These strategies when applied correctly will help you attract new clients, convert prospective clients easily, and build a loyal customer base.

Here, we have come up with these strategies and listed them for easy reference. So, follow them and get more tree leads today.

Get on Google My Business

To be found on Google, you have to first be on it. So, create a Google My Business profile first and claim your business. With thousands of local business searches every day, listing your business on Google My Business is the most important first step. So, if you haven’t already done that, do it now.

Getting on My Business is fairly straightforward. However, if you do not know how to, there are hundreds of resources available freely on the internet that you can make use of. Also, fill out all the information on your Google My Business account and for the best results, add all the pictures that you can.

Build Your Company Website

Building and maintaining a website for your tree service business comes a close second to My Business listing when it comes to generating business. While creating your website, maintain flashy pop-ups and call-to-action buttons to a minimum.

Many tree service customers are not even aware that their trees have a problem and need attention. So, it’s best to create a website that aims at educating the audience. That way, your sales pitch will be more meaningful and you’ll gradually build a loyal customer base.

You can create and include blogs on your website sharing useful tips about your work and information about your industry.

Use Off-Page Techniques

So, now you have a website and have listed your business on Google. But that surely is the very first step. Now it is the time for making your business known to the world. For that, you can adopt off-page techniques like directory listings, building links, etc.

Off-page or off-site techniques are strategies that work outside your business website. In other words, it is an online way of spreading the word about your business. There are several off-page techniques that you can make use of apart from the ones mentioned.

You can make use of different social media channels like Facebook, YouTube, and others to educate your audience about your services and why they need it. Just make sure that the pages your build on these platforms are complete and optimized.

Focus on Uniform Branding

People are visual creatures and they will remember your brand if it’s consistent throughout. So, make sure that you are using the same logos, signs, etc. for your uniforms, invoices, and websites. Maintain a color scheme for making an impression on people’s minds and stand apart.

Apart from an online presence, you must also make your impression in the physical world as well. For that, use your company signs on anywhere that you work. You can use them on your trucks, or leave a sign where you have worked. Have you worked on trimming or pruning trees somewhere? Then leave a sign there to make people know who has done the job.

Letting people know is the key to generating tree leads today and you should use your imagination to the fullest to help do that.

Generating leads for your tree care business is a matter of how people perceive your business. Ranking first on Google surely goes a long way in boosting your business. But your business marketing strategy shouldn’t end on that. Being a more local business, you should make efforts to make your presence known in the locality, utilizing various strategies as mentioned here and watch your business grow.


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